Yule (2012)

21 December 2012 ~ Hyacinth Noir’s Yule Spotlight Issue

~ yule, the winter solstice and the time of the longest night, is celebrated on or around december 21, when the sun is at its southern-most position; many cultures celebrate yule with a common spiritual theme — the birth of a god by the goddess; these gods are commonly associated with the sun, or with death and re-birth ~ 

while yule is celebrated as the returning of the light and/or the sun god, the goddess shows her life-in-death aspect in this season — she is the leprous-white lady and the queen of winter, yet this is also the time that she gives birth to the god, who will re-fertilise her and bring light and warmth back to the earth


~ artwork and photography in celebration of the yuletide season ~

red and white poinsettias, holly berries crimson in the snow, bronze statues of horned gods and silver antlered stags, glittering lights and golden ribbons; these adore our mantles and brighten the longest night as we celebrate of the return of the sun

below are some photographs of the yuletide decorations some of our contributors have created in celebrating the season; join us as we celebrate the season and spotlight several of our previous contributors (in alphabetical order) . . .

~ cathy bryant – I adore Yule, but I don’t make many decorations these days; I prefer to rescue the decorations of others ~

yuletide kitten

Some people have a horrible tradition of throwing out their old festive decorations and buying new ones, thus I rescue the old ones and give them new life . . .

… read and see more

~ stephen mead – for decades now, how I’ve decorated for the holiDAZE has more to do with celebrating the beauty of winter and the return of the light ~

Yule Horned God Tableau

I recall going for a long walk through the fields and hills around our house, collecting milkweed pods, pine cones, pampas grass, etc., and painting them silver and gold . . .

… read and see more


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