Ariadne merione, by Alicia Cole

Spring Equinox – an awakening, a renewing of internal and external light . . .

. . . When the light of my self-knowledge turned on, having run for so long from my attraction to both men and women, I finally, and delightedly, found myself in a brief relationship with a rather charming older woman.  I suspect she was more enamoured of my attire: I was in drag when we met, in the act of becoming more than myself.  ‘Ariadne merione, while reflecting the myth alluded to, is also the name of a species of butterfly: a creature that beautifies an environment then moves on.

Ariadne merione

She preferred me in suits, I, a woman

warrior: suspenders, fedora, the obvious

arc of my breasts in a man’s tailored world.

It was a brief romance, startling as crocus

breaking through spring soil: brown, the

stain of her eyes; laughter, a sword

in the night.  My personal minotaur, her

mouth: destruction under a street light,

her hair a labyrinth tangled in my hand.

Alicia Cole

lives in Georgia with a photographer, their cat, and two schools of fish.  She enjoys the songs of wind and trees, loves fairy tales, and appreciates flaws.  Queer is one of her favourite words.  Her poetry has recently appeared in Plunge Magazine and Eternal Haunted Summer.

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