About ~ hyacinth noir

welcome to hyacinth noira celebration of queer paganism, a blog dedicated to the celebration of the sabbats and queer pagan-themed literature

~ hyacinth noir ~ in Greek mythology, Hyacinth is the lover of the God Apollo, and upon his death, Apollo created the hyacinth flower from Hyacinth’s spilled blood

~ pagan/queer blog ~ here one can find sabbat- and season-specific recipes, scrapbooking and crafts ideas for ritual celebration, regional prairie and shrubland photography, and information from a variety of eclectic pagan paths

~ queer literature ~ we are looking for literary prose and poetry that encompasses themes of the sabbats with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and/or queer elements

2 thoughts on “About ~ hyacinth noir”

  1. justin benedict said:

    I have written three chapters of what might be a humorous gay romance novel. Tentatively,it’s on a blog right now
    Where could I go to get feedback?

    • We recommend Critique Circle and Scribophile; both are password protected, and therefore don’t count as “previously published” to most publishers as public blogsites do. And both have members that give great critique as well.

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