Lycanthropy, by Zendrix Berndt

His jaw unhinging

Give me the death crack of his spine

Whispering shafts of midnight


Give me the shoots of bamboo tongue

Cross-haired cloudy and toe-curling menace


Make these ebony walls ooze sweat

Pour sinister swirling silver streaks

Spilling humid hunger for


As a cathedral shredding the nocturnal shroud clawing


Bodies imploding

Pelvis disjointed and aching with

Nightshade and wolf’s bane

Hemlock and hymnals

Too rich for even the organ to play

Tune too heavy for even the organism to carry



Cardiac arrhythmia

Irregular syncopation

Organic orgasm opens the mouth

The fanged jowls creaking in lacteal howls

Drink him in

There can only be one predator tonight

He an anomaly, a mirage, a shadowed visage veiled in twinkling vespers

Tear the faun flesh into masticated manhood folds

Forgiveness lurks in the twinge

Little Death

He is change, he is no good, he is abomination

Coarse razor talon teeth twist forked fingers

He is wolf, he is man, he is monster

Rip me into the pieces of ecstasy that paint his sky a darker blood moon bloom hue

Becoming the beast beneath the beating

I am changing, I am no good, I am abomination

Soft naked lips locked curling smile smoldering cinnamon

Drink me in

I am wolf, I am man, I am monster

Make me his insides; my own impure and infernal

Fan the flaming legs fan folded fully furnace flaring feeling fleeting forest fire fragrance

Flakes of humanity sink deep into the soiled sheets


Make me write, this creature

Cultivating, collecting, accumulating, within

Werewolf writing about him breaking


Jaw unhinging

Silhouette against the man-skin drum-moon

Zendrix Berndt is an emerging multi-racial gay poet.  Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, he is currently a college student working towards becoming a successful multi-talented artist. He seeks to broaden the world’s understanding of all minority peoples and challenge the minds of today’s youth through the arts.


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