Transatlantic, by Evelyn Deshane

the relationship between two girlfriends . . .

. . . is maintained through the frailty of winter, but also through distance.  I wanted to take this idea of the earth — as always changing and always far away, and yet, predictable and see if it could also be related to the ways in which we experience love.


In winter, our hearts froze

From across an ocean

We sent emails back and forth

Trying to keep our fingers warm.


On Candlemas – Ground Hog Day

We had the epiphany to stay together

Though it would be more than six weeks

Of strained texting in bad weather.


But women are good with waiting

Our bodies are clocks and our skin the earth

We have been taught how to be patient

And to give when we wish to return.


I watch the rain cris-cross on the window

As I cross off the calendar days

Until the equinox and Easter and Beltane;

Until the plane is boarded and secured.


In the airport, at the arrivals

It’s midnight and full moon

Our arms wrap around one another

And we revolve as season should.

Evelyn Deshane

her work has appeared in The Fieldstone Review, Arthur Newspaper, and Absynthe Magazine.  She has an MA in Public Texts from Trent University and is currently pursuing her PhD.  She lives in Canada.

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