Spring Equinox (2013)

20 March 2013 ~ Hyacinth Noir’s Spring Equinox ‘Coming Out’ Issue

~ as the sun peeks through a grey blanket of clouds, a robin glides along the warm spring breeze to rest upon a branch of an elder tree . . . emerging from winter’s darkness to an earth renewed, she calls, lilting and bright, to the world around her . . . ~ 

the springtime and the spring equinox have always spoken of the magick of fertility, and renewal of being to us — a symbolic coming out and the acceptance of ourselves as we plant and nurture the seeds of our being and that which we want to draw toward us in the lighter months to come

our celebration of the spring equinox and the beginning of the warm season will take you through literary journeys of the butterfly emerging from her cocoon, a turtle emerging from her shell, the unspoken sorrow of unfulfilled love . . . these ‘coming out stories’ may mirror many of those in the community, and remind us that after the darkness, there is always the emergence of light  


~ an awakening, a renewing of internal and external light . . . ariadne merione, while reflecting the myth alluded to, is also the name of a species of butterfly, a creature that beautifies an environment then moves on . . . ~

Ariadne merione, by Alicia Cole

She preferred me in suits, I, a woman

warrior: suspenders, fedora, the obvious

arc of my breasts in a man’s tailored world.

… (read more)

~ springtime carnivals and fairs parallel a world emerging after the dark winter . . . it is hope and brightness, along with unspoken sorrows that often hide in shadows . . . sometimes, coming out isn’t a battle cry, but rather a subtle admission of unfulfilled love . . . ~ 

Beautiful Girl, by Lucy McKee

“Hello, beautiful.”

I watched her turn and smile at the passing man, his eyes fixed on the perfect swell of her breasts peeking from the pink strapless gown.  Wisps of blonde hair fell from her French knot and drifted across her face.  She flashed a radiant smile as the rented photographer stole moments in time from her, locked away forever in the void of his camera.

… (read more)

~ the symbolism of the turtle emerging stands out both in terms of springtime and the queer experience . . . as the creature gathers the strength to ‘come out’ of its shell, it realises that a community of support and love was waiting there all along . . . ~

Baby Turtle Emerging, by Emily Brooks

Painted turtle babe,

Stuck inside an artist shell,

Feels the need to hide.

… (read more)

~ . . . from the branch of the elder tree where she perches, the robin pecks at sunflower seed offerings . . . with a leap, she flits along the ground, now freed from frost, in search of nourishment for her young, who will themselves emerge from their eggs in the coming months of warmth ~

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