The Fortune Teller’s Muse, by Evelyn Deshane

I took the iconic nature of the cards . . .

. . . and made them tell a story beyond what was there on the deck.  The fortune teller is often neglected and only seen as a source material — they tell us, the reader, about ourselves.  But I wanted them to have a love story, and by combining it with a carnival, I hoped to capture the whimsical nature of summer.

The Fortune Teller’s Muse

I worked as a fortune teller

With tarot cards at the kids’ carnival

Making good money

But I didn’t believe it at all.


She walked in one night:

Sequinned top and high heeled shoes

When I pulled out The Lovers card

I knew I had to choose.


Between my day job at the super store

Or my night job at the fair

I noticed the moon was full that night

And I pretended not to care.


I shuffled my deck late into the night

After coming home from work

Pulled The Devil, then passed Judgement

And saw her face, flashing a smirk.


I travelled four blocks to find her

Following the sequins like the stars

A night map of Polaris and Ursa Major

Has never taken me so far.


She took me to a new World

And pulled the Magician out of her sleeve

Now I may never work at the carnival again

But she made me believe.

Evelyn Deshane

her work has appeared in The Fieldstone Review, Arthur Newspaper, and Absynthe Magazine.  She has an MA in Public Texts from Trent University and is currently pursuing her PhD.  She lives in Canada.

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