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~ these lovely statement earrings are simple and fun to make; made of polymer clay, they’re lightweight and quick to cure ~

day of the dead calavera earrings


polymer clay (1 brick in white, green, yellow and fuscia)
liquid sculpey (or other polymer clay bonder)
rolling pin or pasta machine
x-acto knife
baking tile
clay cutter for flower (the one used here is by lisa pavelka)
earring findings
split jump rings (2)
flat-nose pliers


step 1:

soften white polymer clay and roll out to ¼” thickness using a rolling pin or pasta machine.  Roll white first, as the other colors may stain utensils and bleed onto the clay.  Using a pre-drawn pattern or freehand, carefully cut out your skull shape with the x-acto knife — think light bulb.  Smooth edges with your fingers and set aside.  Repeat for second earring

step 2:

roll out green clay using the same technique.  With a clay cutter or freehand, create your two flower shapes and set aside.  Roll out a pea-sized amount of yellow clay and shape into a ball.  Cut the ball in half and use each for both flower centres

step 3:

roll out fuscia clay and freehand heart and lip shapes using the x-acto knife.  Making different sizes and shapes creates visual interest, so don’t worry if your pieces aren’t perfectly matching

step 4:

taking liquid sculpey or other bonder, dab a tiny amount on the back of all pieces to be stacked on top of other clay.  This includes the flower and flower centre.  Once the bonder is on, press the shapes gently onto the clay, placing where you please.  If too much bonder is applied and it squeezes out the edges, don’t worry.  Liquid sculpey will dry clear

step 5:

take a mechanical pencil tip (or something of that size that won’t mark up your clay) and punch a hole in the top of your skull.  Make sure the size is adequate to fit a jump ring once the piece is baked

steps 1 through 5; the creation of clay cut-outs and flowers

step 6:

bake your clay as directed, typically 15 minutes at 275 degrees.  Once it’s done, remove gently and lay on surface to cool

step 7:

once it’s cooled, use a split jump ring and twist so it goes through your pre-made hole.  Use flat-nose pliers to open and close the jump ring and attach to earring finding

now your earrings are ready to wear!