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~ we are currently accepting submissions for our Yule 2014 issue ~

publication dates: 21 Demember 2014, +/- three days

issue theme: queer’d sabbat/holiday-themed romances

please read the standard guidelines and submission guidelines

Yule — the winter solstice, the longest night of the dark and cold winter months — celebrates the rebirth of the sun deity in many traditions, and occurs on or around December 21

we are currently looking for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and/or artwork that contains theme(s) of the season and/or sabbat, preferably with a queer-ified angle  – awe us with mistletoe kisses between lovers, mediaeval feastings, wassailing and romantic gift exchanges — anything queer with themes of the season, whatever pagan path you follow!

we also are accepting non-fiction, photography and artwork that contains theme(s) of the season and/or sabbat, preference will be given to pieces with a queer-ified angle (which don’t necessarily have to follow the theme of ‘queer’d sabbat/holiday-themed romances’)

to submit to the Yule issue, please see the submission guidelines

submissions will close for the Yule issue on 16 December 2014

for more information on Yule:

history of yule, the winter solstice: an excellent article by lady springwolf at pagan’s path, which includes sections such as–the history and etymology of yule; the winter solstice as an astrological event; roman and norse influences on the celtic sabbat; the god and goddess at yule; as well as modern celebrations

yule: a short introduction to yule from the enchanted hollow, includes yuletide customs, the yule log and bonfires, and the oak and holly kings (there are also some lovely images within the article)

winter solstice, celebrating the return of the sun: a brief article at mystic cosmos, with introductory information to the winter solstice celebrations of many ancient civilisations, as well as the origins of some yule symbols, such as holly