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1 February 2014 ~ Hyacinth Noir’s Imbolc Literary Issue
Post IV ~ the Bride, by Sam Thorp

I wanted to illustrate and pay homage to the essence of the Sabbat.  In some ways this is the toughest time of year for me, personally. T he cliche of ‘the darkest before the dawn’ comes to mind when riding out the last leg of winter.  I set out to illustrate ‘the Bride’, the feminine power that sweeps out the old so the new can enter.  This is meant to be optimisitic, to give hope.  This is a time of great potential, to close out situations that need to end and to get a jump on what needs done.

the Bride


Sam Thorp

is located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Classically trained but influenced by comic books, and currently organizes art shows for the Pittsburgh Gay & Lesbian Community Center.  Worked with The Gender Dances documentary, Pgh Transpride Showcase, PERSAD Art Auction, the Tranny Roadshow; has donated art for various Top Surgery fundraisers.  More info available at graphicanatomy.com.