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~ dusty boxes pulled from storage and opened for the first time this turn of the wheel . . . unravelling crystal lights in honour of the returning sun and unwrapping yule tree ornaments since forgotten . . . each one a memory . . . each a warmth from the glowing fire ~


for this year’s Yule, we’ve created an ornament meant for making memories, as well as one friendly to the environment with recycled newspaper!


aleene’s tacky glue
ribbon in yule colours


take half a page of newspaper and fold it into a long 1” strip.  Run a line of glue down the strip

begin to roll the newspaper into a coil, careful to shape the center and edges as you go.  Glue down the end.  Continue until you have ten coils relatively the same size

using a 1/4-page of newspaper, repeat the steps above until you have four smaller coils, for the tree trunk

cut a tree-shape out of the cardstock, this will be the backing of your ornament.  Glue each coil onto the cardstock.  If you use coloured cardstock, you can let the background show through for a pop of colour.  You may also use newspaper as a backing, though it will not be as sturdy

cut a small length of ribbon as your hanger.  Glue it to the backing

you may also choose to use pages from a recycled paperback book instead of newspaper.  The print can also be spray-painted in colours of your choice prior to being rolled, but be careful to not use water-based paint as it will cause the paper to become stiff