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~ a reminder that the submissions for our queer paranormal themed Samhain issue will close tomorrow, on the fifteenth of October ~

a wood frog among the fallen leaves

a wood frog among the fallen leaves

while in the previous year, we celebrated with the release of the literary issue on the day of the sabbat, with sabbat/LGBT-centred posts in the weeks preceding, this year we will be posting literary pieces three days +/- sabbat

therefore, for Samhain, the issue will be available starting on 29 October, and continue with a piece (or part of a piece) until 4 November, 2013; a full issue will also be available beneath the drop-down menu at the top of the page

as time allows, we will continue to post LGBT and/or sabbat-themed links, photographs, crafts, recipes, and anything else that catches our fancy, around the time of the sabbats