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~ correspondences of the summer solstice ~

symbolism: the sun, balefire, sun wheels, solar crosses, God’s eyes, faeries, bird feathers, the spear or sword of the Sun God, the cauldron of the Goddess ringed in flowers, St John’s wort, summer flowers, robins, wrens, summer birds, frogs and toads, butterflies, peacocks

traditional activities: jumping the balefire, gathering herbs, clan gatherings, making God’s eyes, sun wheels or solar crosses, waking at dawn

spellwork and ritual: honouring the sun and the Sun God at the peak of his power, honouring the pregnant Goddess, bidding farewell to the waxing year and welcoming the beginning of the waning year, preparation for harvest, protection and healing magick, animal magick, purification rituals, faery magick

herbs, incense and oils: apple, cinnamon, chamomile, cedar, daisy, frankincense, fern, fennel, elder, galangal, honeysuckle, heliotrope, heather, ivy, laurel, lemon, lavender, lily, lilac,  peony, mugwort, orchid, oak, thyme, rose,  rowan, summer flowers, sage, sandalwood, saffron, vervain, wisteria, ylang-ylang, yarrow, St John’s wort

food and drink: summer squash, lemons, oranges, garden fresh fruits and vegetables, pumpernickel bread, honey cakes; ale, meade, wine, lemonade, herbal teas

colours: red, orange, golden yellow, vibrant green, sky blue, white

stones: agate, emerald, diamond, jade, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, moonstone

gods and goddesses: all Father, Sun and Fire Gods and Mother/Pregnant Goddesses; Aestas (Roman), Flora (Roman), Juno (Roman), Venus (Roman), Vesta (Roman), The Muses (Greek), Aphrodite (Greek), Hera (Greek), Eos (Greek), Gaia (Greek), Aine of Knockaine (Irish), Anu (Irish), Grianne (Irish), Hathor (Egyptian),  Isis (Egyptian), Nut (Egyptian), Bast (Egyptian), Freya (Norse), Gerd (Teutonic); Jupiter (Roman), Sol (Roman), Zeus (Greek), Apollo (Greek), Helios (Greek), Hephaestus (Greek), Prometheus (Greek), Lugh (Irish), Osiris (Egyptian),  Ra (Egyptian), Baal (Phoenician), Baldur (Scandinavian)


blooming lilac, fragrant in the summertime