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queer celebrations of the spring equinox ~

as winter fades and spring blossoms, the energy of the earth begins to re-waken — the snows begin to melt and the robin chirps in the budding trees; in preparation for the warmer months, seeds are planted by the hearth, to be transplanted into the thawed ground during the time of Beltane; the daylight hours, which have been growing steadily since Yule, are now equal with those of the night 

in addition to making pagan celebrations personal to one’s own path and beliefs, ceremonies can also pay homage to the practitioner’s sexuality and gender, such as those shared with the community on the gaywitch.org forum (please visit the link to explore one gay practitioner’s method of celebration)

during this spring equinox, we invite you to share with us, in the comments section ways that you choose celebrate the sabbat