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~ like the prism of colour hidden behind the grey clouds of winter, the soft colours of springtime can parallel the beauty of our own symbolic rainbow; like butterflies on the wind, our lights shine when we emerge from our cocoon ~


spring equinox rainbow beaded necklace


soft flex wire, cut in desired length
flat nose pliers
crimp beads (2)
beads, of course – the ones used for this particular project are swarovski crystal which have an incredible sparkle and wide-range of colours



step 1:

cut the soft flex wire a few inches longer than your desired length.  For instance, if you’d like a 16″ necklace, make sure you have at least 2″ on either side extra, so cut 20″ (it’s always better to have it longer than shorter).

note: soft flex is not required, but preferred as it’s the strongest and most flexible wire for jewellery making.  It’s worth the extra money


step 2:

slide a crimp bead on one end and thread it through your toggle clasp bar.  Making a loop, thread the wire back through the crimp bead so there are two pieces of wire going through the one bead

step 3:

pulling the loop tighter (but not too tight – if the wire is too tight on the clasp, the nylon coating will eat away and the wires underneath will eventually fray) and when it’s at the desired position, flatten the crimp bead with flat nose pliers.  No need to do this too hard as the delicate jewellery tools may break (I’ve done this a few times myself)

step 4:

begin stringing your beads in the desired pattern.  When you have enough beads on the wire, measure it, being sure to include the clasp in the measurement.  If it’s the correct length, go ahead and slide on the final crimp bead

step 5:

using the same loop technique, flatten the last crimp bead, pulling the wire through the crimp bead and the bead next to it.  Pull the wire tight, but again, no too tight or the beads will rub against each other and potentially scratch.  It may also not have as much give.  Make sure it’s loose enough to drape on your neck

and voila, wear with pride!