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~ the springtime and the spring equinox is a celebration of fertility, the renewal of nature and oneself, as well as the balance between light and dark ~

… as the Sun grows warmer, so life begins to show through the soil.  Small signs at first – the daffodils and crocuses – then more green as the bluebells and wood anemones spread through the woodland … (quoted from alban eilir)


springtime pussywillows

the rites of spring ~ an article at witchology, with a focus on the origins and celebration of ostara (the wiccan celebration of the spring equinox)

ostara ~ a brief article from the urban pagan, on the celebration of ostara, with focus on the meaning behind some celebrations and decorations

a blessed spring equinox ~ a 2012 patheos newsarticle, containing some quotes from fellow pagans around the world on the celebrations of the spring equinox, as well as a lovely artwork of a springtime goddess

alban eilir ~ a lovely paragraph describing springtime (and associated with the spring equinox), from a druidric path

celtic druid’s spring equinox ~ an detailed article at ireland’s druidschool, with a focus on the gods and goddesses associated with ancient equinox celebrations, as well as its evolution into modern religious paths