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~ while trimming and decorating the yule tree this year, add a little bit of sparkle with a lovely beaded glass ornament — made with czech glass seed beads and swarovski crystals, these glass ornaments can match any colour scheme and can be as elaborate or simple as you’d like ~

yuletree beaded glass ornament

yuletree beaded glass ornament


beading needle
silamide thread or fireline
seed beads, in the desired colour palette
swarovski crystal elements in accent colours
glass ball ornament


step 1:

after threading your needle, measure the top of the ornament (where the cap attaches) with seed beads on the thread.  You want your beads to fit over the ornament but not too snugly.  Cut an arm’s length of thread with the needle attached on one end.  (You may run out of thread, but you can attach more if needed.)  When you have the appropriate amount of beads, tie the thread ends in a knot so the beads form a circle.  Place the circle on the ornament top

note:  at this point, you may choose to use an ornament hanger to work the project.  If you don’t have one available, a banana hanger works just as well (they also make nice display holders for your ornaments!)


step 2:

using an accent colour seed bead, thread the desired length of beads for your first strand of the netting pattern.  I attempted to go in tens just for the ease of remembering how many I used.  Twenty is a good number for the starting round.  After the twenty seed beads, string an accent crystal, then another twenty seed beads

step 3:

decide how many points you wish to have, and thread the needle back through one of the beads in the top circle.  For example, if you want five points (or strings of netting) and you threaded ten beads on to your initial circle, you would thread the twenty + crystal + twenty into every other bead.  This will create a draping effect on the ornament

continue in this manner until you have made it all the way around

step 4:

for the next section of netting, rethread back through the first twenty seed beads on the netting.  Your needle should come out just to the right of the crystal.  Choose the amount you’d like for your next layer and repeat until you have the desired amount of netting layers

step 5:

in order to make the crystal drops, choose a point at which you want the crystal to hang from in the netting.  Thread the seed beads, then a crystal, then one more crystal.  Take the needle and, skipping the stop bead at the end, place the needle back through the crystal and seed beads above

Tighten the strand.  Thread back through the netting to repeat


step 6:

when you’re finished with your beading, simply knot off, thread through a few seed beads and clip the thread