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~ queer-ifying aspects of samhain ~ 

the role of the sacrificed youth at samhain: an article discussing the death aspect of Samhain in relation to tragedies experienced within the LGBT community

” … many who practice the Old Ways mark Samhain with rituals designed to honor the dead.  My own altar bears pictures of ancestors going back four generations. I fete them silently with blood red wine, rich dark bread, apples, nuts and flowers.  Pomegranates and dried leaves lay scattered across the altar’s surface, while candles and incense burn to call the dead to feast.  For the past five years I have included another photo on my altar that of a young man who I never met in life, yet who represents something spiritually primal to me.”

samhain with robin herne: a short commentary on sexual and gender identities, and Samhain

” … embracing sexual identity into ritual can become a source of spiritual fulfilment and growth. For those who have struggled with self-identity, there is a death and rebirth in refuting the fear and disgust of centuries past and revelling in ones sexuality as a source of joy, pleasure, and pride; a gift rather than a curse. All of which seems peculiarly well-suited to Samhain.”