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~ the cool weather of the autumn is the perfect time to spend outside in nature; listed here are some celebration and decoration ideas, as well as activities for the time around the autumnal equinox ~

in the autumn, we give thanks to the earth, its energies and the deities for the bounty they have given us in the past cycle

– take a walk through the forest and gather fallen leaves and acorns
– feed seeds and nuts to the birds and other woodland creatures
– offer libations of fertiliser or mead to the trees, the fields and/or the land
– decorate the house with grape vines, sunflowers or other autumn foliage
– make candle holders from mini pumpkins or apples for the alter
– harvest rose hips, late-autumn berries, and make wine
– make a corn husk dolly to honour the goddess and corn mother
– make wheat bread, using your hands to knead and prepare the dough
– tell stories about Herne the Hunter, Persephone and Demeter, or Pomona
– honour the aging deities and the spirit world

decorative gourds