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~ Renaissance Faire Chicken Breasts ~
a recipe adapted from about.com Paganism

for the past two Autumnal Equinox celebrations, we have prepared this renaissance faire-inspired recipe that originally called for turkey legs.  We have substituted chicken or turkey breasts and have prepared them over the open fire while celebrating the equinox in nature.  They can also be prepared on the grill

two chicken or turkey breasts
salt and pepper
olive oil

1 quart of water
2 tbsp sea salt
2 tbsp brown sugar

basting sauce:
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp barbecue sauce
2 tsp red wine vinegar

to prepare the brine, combine the water, sea salt and sugar into a bowl.  Mix until dissolved and place the breasts inside, covered completely, and secure the lid.  Refrigerate overnight (scale up if the breasts are not all covered)

to prepare the basting sauce, measure out the honey, barbecue sauce and red wine vinegar; if more tartness or sweetness if desired, scale the red wine vinegar and honey up or down as needed.  Prepare the sauce to taste (the ingredients can be double for saucier breasts or if preparing more than two)

the following day, remove the breasts from the fridge an hour before cooking and warm to room temperature (inside the brine).  When the fire is prepared or the grill preheated, remove the breasts from the brine and pat them dry.  Brush each with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper

cook the breasts over medium heat or a medium-low fire, brushing them periodically with the basting sauce.  To ensure that they cook evenly, turn the breasts over, basting the other side.  Cook for about 30 min or until finished.  If cooking over the open fire, place the breasts on heavy-duty tin foil over the grill to prevent burning

enjoy with vegetables and berries of the season

renaissance faire chicken breasts with carrots and potatoes