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~ the autumnal equinox this year is the 22nd of September ~

this marks the midway point between the zenith of the sun at the summer solstice and its nadir at the winter solstice.  At the Autumnal Equinox, the sun enters the astrological sign of Libra–the balances or scales.  Besides the harvest themes of the equinox, it is also closely associated with balance

the balance between night and day, between the dark and the light half.  As the sunlight wanes, the wheat harvested and seeds stored over the winter months, take a moment to meditate upon the balance found within nature and to honour and thank the dark goddess and horned god for their blessings

during the autumn months, our ancestors made preparations for winter–the vegetables that have been harvested are preserved and stored, animals begin to hibernate in preparation for the winter, weaker livestock unable to survive the winter months are slaughtered, their meats salted and preserved, wood is gathered and chopped for the hearth, and in many areas, September begins the hunting season for deer and moose

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