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~ autumn cooking: steamed corn with parsley, cooked over the fire ~

the best way that we have found to prepare corn over the open fire is to shuck the cobs (remember to save the husks and silk for the corn dolly) and prepare them in heavy-duty tinfoil (not regular).  Add in some margarine, salt and pepper to flavour, three springs of fresh parsley, and water to cover about one to two centimetres at the bottom of the foil.  Then wrap the tin foil securely around the corn to place over the fire on the grill

corn in tin foil with salt, pepper, margarine, parsley and water

corn wrapped in tin foil over the firepit

after about thirty minutes, depending on the heat of the fire, remove the cobs with heat-resistant gloves and carefully open the tinfoil to check the corn.  If they are still uncooked, set back over the fire until cooked.  Do not let the water boil away from the inside, otherwise the corn will burn (as one happened to do while we were cooking them, so be sure to check the water periodically)

this method will evenly cook the cobs without burning them or without leaving any uncooked, as were the issues we had when soaking unshucked cobs in water for an hour and then placing them near the coals, either wrapped or unwrapped in foil.  This resulted in burnt and uncooked corn, with the shucks burning away even with little heat from the fire.  We’ve also attempted to cook shucked corn in tinfoil alone (without water) over the open fire, turning periodically, but this didn’t work as well either.  Adding water and margarine to heavy-duty tinfoil-wrapped corn is the best way that we have found to cook corn outside over the open firepit.  There is no need to rotate the corn as it cooks either, as long as there is water inside

corn prepared with parsley sprigs

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