~ the corn husk dolly as a symbol of the harvest ~

the spirit of the goddess, of the harvest, is embodied within the cornstalks
and to honour the goddess and harvest, a corn husk dolly can be made
during any of the autumn sabbats, Lughnasadh or the Autumnal Equinox

a corn husk dolly made at Lughnasadh

the following recipe is for steamed corn with parsley, cooked over the firepit
the corn husks can then be saved and dried to make a corn husk dolly,
which will be shown in an upcoming post as an Autumnal Equinox craft


– shuck the corn husks carefully from the ears of corn
– set them aside to dry for a few days (the husks will shrink as they dry)
– some suggest flattening them to dry them, but I leave them to dry as-is
– two shucked corn ears will make about one dolly, depending on the skirt
– the silk of the corn can be saved to make hair for the dolly

the easiest way to shuck the corn is to make a knife cut the end of the cob and then peel away the husks and the corn silk, setting them aside dry for a few days

end of the corn cut to remove the husks

corn husks and shucked cob with silk remaining

the following blog post will be a recipe for firepit-steamed corn with parsley, and in the next few days, the instructions for a corn husk dolly will be posted as well